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Zodiac Compatibility

Aries Symbol
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Mar 21st to Apr 19th

Sign: Aries

Symbol: Ram

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Aries & Leo
Zodiac Compatibility

These two will feel a strong physical connection which makes for an ideal combination. Their biggest issue arises in the Leo's flirty and radiant ways. Aries shouldn't take this to heart, Leo only wants to be admired. There will be lots of hot activity both in and out of the bedroom if these two can give each other the love and respect they desire. The fire in them makes them both leaders with a need to dominate, so they both need to learn compromise, patience, and self-control. With all things in place, these two have a very bright future.


About Aries - The Ram

The wildest, most spontaneous, most energetic sign of the zodiac, you are very capable of being someone's soul mate as long as the time is right. You love all of the finer things in life, and like material items, you like to wait around and see what the next match may be ready to bring to the table. Your fear for settling can leave you single for a very long time. If you take your time to slow down and enjoy the ride you might find that your next date has a lot to offer you. There's no rush on love but don't let a good thing slip through your fingers.

About Leo - The Lion

The ruler of romance, and master of all things love. You love to love and most of all love to be loved. Your charm and charisma can sway any adoring fan, but are they worth it? Your love attention span can sometimes become discombobulated with your urge to enjoy your company. Wait until after your second or third date to see if you are more than just amused before making a move.

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Jul 23rd to Aug 22nd

Sign: Leo

Symbol: Lion

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed